Enthusiast for any academic subject

Having both a PhD in life sciences and a master's degree in chemistry permits me to have a multidisciplinary vision about sciences and a rigorous approach to discover new subjects. Very curious, I have a genuine interest for a broad range of scientific and non-scientific subjects and basically everything that can be learned.

Aesthetic sensibility and scientific communication

During my previous work experiences, I had the opportunity to fully understand the essential role of illustration to communicate in research, to share knowledge, observations, ideas and discoveries. This experience permitted me to develop both my scientific and aesthetic sensibility, allowing me to grasp the importance of communication through images, either to the member of the scientific community or to the general public.
My training is definitely an asset as scientific designer because it gives me a valuable insight in the practice of scientific communication. I am then able to fully understand the requirements to properly communicate to a scientific audience through accuracy, clarity, summarization and scientific vocabulary. Moreover, I also had the chance to popularize in-depth subjects to the general public, thanks to scientific design which permits to easily transmit the most complex subjects in a few images. Indeed, when implemented for science, illustrations can undeniably facilitate knowledge transmission in an appealing way while maintaining the accuracy required for scientific or educational content.

Education and work experiences