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I am Anne-Lise Paris ;
let me welcome you to in-graphidi,
a place where scientific research becomes visual.
Here you are at the heart of my work as scientific designer.
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Science and design are in my DNA

After the obtention of a master's degree in chemistry and a PhD in biology, my new objective is now to pursue a career as scientific and medical designer. Indeed, while science is a field that stimulated my curiosity for many years, illustration allows me to put my creativity at the service of scientific communication.
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In Graphidi is my creative alias

In Graphidi is the fusion between science and illustration. It is a neologism in pseudo-latin referring to graphis, the latin word for drawing or for the instrument used to illustrate. This phrase is an allusion to the other latin phrases commonly used in science: in vivo, in vitro, in silico, in situ...
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Scientific design, focused on accuracy

Thanks to my education and work experiences, I have insight into the practice of scientific illustration, animations and figures. My work can permit to present scientific data in the best way possible, depending on the targeted audience.
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Based in France

I am based in Limoges, France but my work as scientific designer can be done remotely. Feel free to contact me from wherever you are.
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