An exploration in my work

My work can be categorized in three main domains: vector 2D illustrations, 3D modelling and animations. These groups represent the backbone of scientific design, and each vector has its own applications, depending on the target audience and the desired outcome. My work is then to master these three domains to be able to use each of these according to a given project specifications.

I also collaborate with somersault 18:24 to create figures or graphical abstracts for reviews or articles in peer-reviewed journals. This collaboration allows me to work in close contact with several editors for high impact factors scientific journals, for more informations, you can discover Somersault 18:24 universe here :

3D modelling

Illustrations, journal covers, animations

Vector 2D illustration

Infographics, graphical abstracts, scientific figures, illustrations

Collaboration with Somersault 18:24

Graphical abstracts, scientific figures, illustrations

Other projects

Book illustrations