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the Case Study
Step 01
tHE idea
The Objective
The image will serve as an illustration on immunosenescence.
The main types of immune cells will also be presented (view of the outside and the inside of the cells).
Step 02
tHE brief
The image should represent immunosenescence in an aesthetic way;
Cell representation should compliment the main subject of immune-ageing while also be useful: each cell type should be presented.
Immunosenescence can be represented by an hourglass that contains immune cells.
While time passes and the body is ageing, the population of immune cells evolves. A remodeling of the immune system can somewhat be observed in older patients, with a different reactivity of the immune system
The style of the illustration is supposed to be different from what can be commonly observed for scientific figures.
A modern feeling can be suggested by combining a realistic aspect, a minimalist style and a certain sense of lightness.
Realism and modernity can be achieved by creating a 3D illustration (3D modeling is the best representation for a realistic style).
The composition should integrate a limited number of elements to present the main subjects clearly: the hourglass on one side and immune cells on the other side.
Colors chosen to be adapted for color-blind people and different from the colors usually used for immune cells to add a modern touch.
Step 04
3D modeling
Step 05
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