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the Case Study
Step 01
tHE idea
The Objective
The scientific journal editor proposes illustration services to authors who wish to publish in their peer-reviwed journal.
As scientific graphic designer, I then intervene to adapt the author's graphical abstract or figure to journal guidelines and style.
Step 02
tHE brief
Blood - American Society of Hematology
Peer-reviewed journal - IF: 20.3
Journal style
Editor's guidelines focus on the format of the figure: 492 px x 263.2 px (formatted in picas).
The Avenir font is preferred and should not be smaller than 8 pt
Colors should be adapted for color-blind people:
elements that need to be identified or differentiated need to be seen by at least the most common types of color blindness (Protanopia and Deuteranopia).
Step 03
tHE abstract
Precision transfusion medicine: a new spin
In this issue of Blood, An et al. describe a new method to generate rare red blood cell (RBC) reagents for antibody screening in the pre-transfusion laboratory work up to identify antibodies against low prevalence variants of RH antigens. Using a combination of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) reprogramming and gene editing, the authors have engineered RBCs lacking the RH locus and expressing low-prevalence antigenic variants. Rh-engineered RBCs are compatible with standard laboratory assays and can detect the presence of plasma alloantibodies against low-prevalence allelic variants.
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