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the Case Study
Step 01
tHE idea
The Objective
This information graphics is created to briefly present DNA with some facts about its composition and size.
Step 02
tHE brief
Visual Capitalist -
Online publisher with data-driven visuals
The article on Visual Capitalist website :
The infographics should inform the reader while also presenting scientific facts in an appealing way.
A first part will include a brief presentation of DNA, with small paragraphs containing facts about this molecule (i.e. its length, composition, weight...)
Some data will then be introduced in a second part but the graph will stay very very simple to compare genome size between some living organisms.
Since this infographics is meant for the general public, everything should be presented as clearly as possible.
The text should be concise with facts organized in paragraphs that will be illustrated to lead the eyes of the reader.
To add clarity and avoid a dense presentation of text, the infographics should integrate a lot of space between the elements and the different paragraphs. That way, things are almost presented one at a time and are easier to follow. The publisher doesn't have a limit for height size so this will help greatly while creating the illustration.
The little illustrations that present the main idea in each paragraph will be very simple icons, that way, each fact is presented visually and with simplicity.
Colors chosen because they are not usually seen for scientific subjects and especially for DNA that is usually represented with the primary colors. These colors are a bit subdued to add modernity.
Step 04
Thank you