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the Case Study
Step 01
tHE idea
The Objective
A scientific article is chosen by the editor to be highlighted in communications.
A specific graph or set of data will be redesigned to present the core message of the article. The aim is then to summarize the article's data in one image.
Step 02
tHE brief
PLOS - Public library of Science
Open access publisher for scientific articles.
Peer-reviewed journal - IF: 3.75
Website Page
This work is featured on a special page on PLOS's website
This article examine associations between exposure of various species of pets during fetal development or early infancy and the risk of developing food allergies.
The image should clearly present the data for each type of allergy, with icons to help readability (icons both for allergy types and pet exposures).
5 types of allergies are presented, and for each allergy, 4 types of pet exposures are evaluated. Additionally, exposure is distinguished between contact to pets during infancy or during fetal development.
To compare these results, a circular presentation has been chosen to emphasize the differences between each presented category.
For this illustration, simple colors are used to represent the different types of allergies (white for milk, yellow for egg, light yellow for wheat, brown for nuts...) As a complimentary color to yellow and white, blue / grey has been chosen.
Step 04
Article's data
Thank you