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the Case Study
Step 01
tHE idea
The Objective
A scientific article is chosen by the editor to be highlighted in communications.
A specific graph or set of data will be redesigned to present the core message of the article. The aim is then to summarize the article's data in one image.
Step 02
tHE brief
PLOS - Public library of Science
Open access publisher for scientific articles.
Peer-reviewed journal - IF: 3.75
Website Page
This work is featured on a special page on PLOS's website
In this article, researchers study health outcomes in cats fed with vegan diets as compared to those fed with meat.
Cats are the main subject of this study, so they should appear somewhere in the artwork. This will help the reader identifying the subject in one glance.
Additionally, small icons highlight the difference between meat-based diet and vegan diet. A color code is also used for each type of data, to have enhanced clarity.
7 health parameters have been studied for each group of cat, based on the owner-reported prevalence of general indicators of illness and also the relative reduction of each illness prevalence with vegan diet.
Each set of data will have is own type of graph :
Bar charts will present the prevalence of each general illness indicator (for each type of diet) and circles will represent the relative reduction of the prevalence of each illness indicator for the vegan diet.
For this illustration, green has been used to evoke ecology and highlight the fact that the data are based on the effects of a vegan diet.
Other colors, are bright colors that are a bit subdued to add softness to the overall artwork.
Step 04
Article's data
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